History ( 2010)

Name: Dr. Mujeeb Ahmad
Department: History
Name of Supervisor: Dr. Razia Sultana
External Reviewers:
Prof. Dr. Ian Talbot (England)
Prof. Dr. Roger D. Long (USA)
Prof. Dr. Francis Robinsin (UK)
Date of Degree Awarded: 2010-02-18
Title of Dissertation: "Barelwis and their Religio-Political Parties in Pakistan 1947-1971."

Name: Dr. Rabia Zaman
Department: History
Name of Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sayed Wiqar Ali Shah
External Reviewers:
Prof. Dr. A.T.Embree (USA)
Prof. Dr. Anwar H. Syed (USA)
Prof. Dr. David Washbrook (UK)
Date of Degree Awarded: 2010-06-02
Title of Dissertation: "Partition of lthe Indian Sub-Continent: Planning and Implementation."